ELGEN elektro s.r.o.

providing electrical installations for

  • industrial objects
  • administrative buildings
  • logistic structures
  • intelligent houses

About us

Company ELGEN elektro s.r.o. was founded in 2010. We offer a skilled supply of electical installations. We operate on a territory of the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Our scope of work covers:

Delivery and installation of high-voltage equipment

HV connections, kiosk transformer stations, HV switchgears, transfomers...

Delivery and installation of low-voltage equipment

LV switchboards, cabling, lighting, stand-by power supply, lightning protection...

Delivery and installation of weak-current systems

Communication, safety, warning a camera systems, like FAS, PA, IAS, DC, ACS, CCTV, TEL...

Periodic inspections and guaranteed service

We offer specialized maintenance and periodic inspections of electrical systems. We guarantee deadlines for urgent fixing interventions based on servicing contract...

Designing and planning

We propose suitable technical solutions, we design electrical installations...

Expert performance

Our managers have long-standing experience with electrical installations for large scale projects.

Návrh, dodávku a montáž inteligentních systémů domů

Spolupráce s projektanty a architekty. Komfortní a přívětivé prostředí pro uživatele. Krok s nejmodernějšími trendy.


Job offer

Any company could gain a long-term success only with a team of competent, reliable and satisfied employees, who understand their job well. If you are interested in working for ELGEN elektro s.r.o. please send your CV to elektro (at) elgen.cz.

Right now and still we look for qualified electricians and site managers.

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